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Validate file size prior upload

If I ask you what is the most complex thing in HTML, what would you reply?
For me, it would be the file upload (or maybe character encoding, but this is not the topic! 😛 ).

One of the problem around the file upload functionality is that there is, no matter what, a file size limit set on the server. The limit could be 100Kb such as 100Mb depending on the configuration of the server.
But what happens if the user tries to upload a file bigger than the limit?
It’s simple, the file is going to be uploaded on the server until the limit is reached. Once it happens, the server returns an error message to the client.
Well, this is not ideal!
Indeed, depending on the connection speed of the user, the error message could be displayed a few minutes later. And you know how impatient users are! 😉

So obviously, the solution would be to validate the file size before the upload starts.
To do that, we can simply use the fileSize Javascript function against the upload field.
But, surprising enough, this function doesn’t work on Internet Explorer! 👿

And the only solution I found to get the file size with IE was using ActiveX:

var oas = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
var e = oas.getFile(document.forms[0].file.value);
var size = e.size;

Finally, here is the whole Javascript function to validate the file size:

function validateFileSize(file, maxSize) {
	if (navigator.appName=="Microsoft Internet Explorer") {
		if (file.value) {
			var oas = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
			var e = oas.getFile(file.value);
			var size = e.size;
	} else {
		if (file.files[0]!=undefined) {
			var size = file.files[0].fileSize;
	if (size!=undefined && size > maxSize)
		return false;
	return true;

with file the file input field to validate and maxSize the maximum size in bits.

For example, you can call this function as follow:

validateImageSize(document.forms[0].file, 500000)

I successfully tested this code on:

  • Google Chrome 6;
  • Firefox 3.6;
  • Internet Explorer 6;
  • Internet Explorer 7.

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