Image manipulation in VBScript

I am back on Windows development. It is not what I prefer but still, it is development so I am right here! 😉

My task was to upload an image from a website (nothing difficult there) but the application has to resize and crop the uploaded image before saving it on the hard drive in order to save space.
Oh, and I forgot to mention that the website is built in VBScript (it would have been too easy if it has been built in ASP.Net…). 🙄

I went across a lot of image management libraries which work with VBScript during my search:

But I must admit that the most difficult part of this task was to find a good and FREE library.
The one I finally picked is ImageMagick.

Once the library is installed (click here to go to the download page), you can use the following code to resize the image to a maximum of 800 pixels and crop the white space around it:

Dim imageMagick
Set imageMagick = CreateObject("ImageMagickObject.MagickImage.1")

imageMagick.Convert "C:/testimage.jpg", "-fuzz", "10%", "-trim", "-resize", "800x800>", "C:/thumb-testimage.jpg"

Obviously, this tool can do much more than that, but this will be subject of another topic.
Or you can simply read the documentation:

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